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Lily Allen's song, LDN, is it a cover?

I%26#039;m pretty sure I%26#039;ve heard it before, but I%26#039;m also pretty sure I%26#039;ve never heard of Lily Allen until a couple of months ago. Anyone know?

Lily Allen%26#039;s song, LDN, is it a cover?
It%26#039;s not a cover, it%26#039;s her own song. I love that song, and I love Lily! Answerer 2 is right, you might have heard it from The Nanny Diaries.

But her only cover songs so far are:

Everybody%26#039;s Changing, originally by Keane.

An absolutly phenomenal cover, if I may say so myself. I bought her EP for it.

Naive, originally by The Kooks.

Another great cover. Bought this EP album too.

Don%26#039;t Get Me Wrong, originally by The Pretenders.

This one%26#039;s not released on album yet....I hope it will be soon though.
Reply:The song is an original recording by Lily.
Reply:Lily Allen%26#039;s %26quot;LDN%26quot; is not a cover of another artist%26#039;s work. Lily Allen co-wrote %26quot;LDN.%26quot; You may have heard it before on a compilation album released in 2002 by Rajon Records titled, %26quot;Pepsi: More Music, Vol. 2.%26quot; or on the soundtrack album for the film %26quot;The Nanny Diaries.%26quot;

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Lily's Eyes?

Who else cracks up every time they hear %26quot;Lily%26#039;s Eyes%26quot; from The Secret Garden, just because it reminds them forceably of the heroic Harry Potter? (And who else thinks that%26#039;s why it%26#039;s the best song in the play)?

Lily%26#039;s Eyes?
Mr Peter/Potter,

When I hear Lily%26#039;s Eyes I remember the musical, because it existed way before Harry did. I can understand that the link might be amusing if you%26#039;re a big HP fan, and I guess Snape and James could sing it as a duet in Potter The Musical...should such a thing ever happen....
Reply:Just so everyone knows, I never meant this question to be offensive in any way, I really do love this song, not just for the reasons stated on my description. I met Lucy Simons the other night, and she is some lady. (Plus, I%26#039;m a sucker for musicals! What can I do?) Report It

Reply:no idea what the hell u are talking about
Reply:Actually I tear up. I happen to love that song and I love the sentiment behind it. It never reminds me of Harry Potter, but your Avatar sure does. It%26#039;s the best song in Secret Garden because of the torment the two men share in having lost Lily and how effective it is in bringing that across.

my two cents,



Lily allen song?

is this song by lily allen called ldh or ldn?

the lyrics are:

Riding through the city on my bike all day

Cause the filth took away my license

It doesn%26#039;t get me down and I feel OK

Cause the sights that I%26#039;m seeing are priceless

Everything seems to look as it should

But I wonder what goes on behind doors

A fella looking dapper, but he%26#039;s sitting with a slapper

Then I see it%26#039;s a pimp and his crack whore

You might laugh you might frown

Walkin%26#039; round London town


Sun is in the sky oh why oh why ?

Would I wanna be anywhere else

Sun is in the sky oh why oh why ?

Would I wanna be anywhere else

When you look with your eyes

Everything seems nice

But if you look twice

you can see it%26#039;s all lies


because i downloaded it off a cd and it said that it was called ldh, but most websites say ldn? (which i assume stands for london, which is what the songs about)

thanks, i just want to get it right!

Lily allen song?
Reply:%26quot;LDN%26quot; It is the abbreviation for the London Airport I believe.


Lily allen?

anyone else hear lily allen,s new song this morning on radio !? the 1st few bars are ripped straight from `karma police` by radiohead. not a big fan of either but whats ur opinion?

Lily allen?
well,her dad Keith ALlen didnt get her famous! i had heard of her before she was %26#039;famous%26#039; or mainstream, and people like me heard her too and told others to listen (on her myspace)and then she got offered a contract because people loved her so much.It is in her style of music to arrange and interpret different music and styles and putting her twist on them,and personally i like what she has done.Track 2 off her album is actually this realllyy old country song, and you should hear what she%26#039;s done to it now.i do not feel she is simply ripping off other artists. and people also blame her for looking different/wearing different things....she is simply being herself,not copying others (because i dont see other pop stars going round in dresses and trainers) and you dont have to copy her,it shouldnt even bother you so why complain?i certainly wont be copying her anyway. And they have already made up a name for her style - %26quot;retro Chav%26quot;. Jeez this world needs a label for everything. Rant over,nice discussion.
Reply:Lily Allen ROXXXXX!!!!!!!!! Report It

Reply:haha... retro chav Report It

Reply:everyone rips everyone else%26#039;s music these days, those aren%26#039;t the only samples in the album.

Her lyrical content, rhyming style, use of language and beautiful, girly-yet-full-of-attitude vocals make her one of my fave artists at the mo.
Reply:I don%26#039;t like it
Reply:lilly allen may not be the pretist girl but she bring a whole new style to music and so what if her dad sang vindaloo and is the evil guy in robin hood she makes good music and alsoshe is becoming a star in the usa and in my books thats when you know she isa good artist
Reply:i like her style never been in to that type of stuff b4 but she has got my vote her stuff is fun
Reply:Right..i really like lily Allen, and if you listen to her lyrics and music they are really good.

Keith Allen or what ever he%26#039;s called didn%26#039;t make her famous, he left her and her family when she was young and i dont think she has had any contact with him for a long time.

she is unique. unlike all these shouty screamy bands that all sound the same. she is fresh new talent.

And half the time she doesn%26#039;t even diss all the celebs you hear about her talking about., and at least she has a voice and says what she thinks. unlike some other %26#039;independent%26#039; artists that only talk through arranged press conferences and get statements given for them by their manager.

so there. lily Allen rules. =D
Reply:i personally like lily allen, her album is really good....are you talking about her alfie song? thats a good song lol
Reply:she is an arrogant git!! and whats with trainers and a dress,

did you know she is fat les%26#039;s daughter. the one who sang Vindaloo....
Reply:personally I dont care about what she looks like or what she is like as a person, I love her album and its the music that counts.
Reply:Shes a pri*k, her daddy got her famous though she said it wasnt. Theres millions of better singers than her out there. I haven t heard her new song yet and hope i dont hear it too soon as her blooming songs were never off the tv and radio during the summer.
Reply:she also has really bad eye liner
Reply:Lily Allen - dizzy tart who makes a gimmick of not being able to articulate a coherent sentence.

Sorry love, Oasis have already done the %26#039;we%26#039;re cool %26#039;cos we%26#039;re thick%26#039; thing.
Reply:druggie, and whats with wearing trainers and a dress, she is a pain in the ****
Reply:lilly allen isn`t bad!!!

I hear %26quot;Smile%26quot; and I like it

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Lily Allen?

Does any one like Lily Allen%26#039;s Songs? And Which ones? I like Smile and LDN

Lily Allen?
i like smile, alfie and LDN

shes really cool, and her accent makes me like the songs even more.
Reply:i love lily allen she is awsome!!!! Report It

Reply:I LOVE LILY!! Report It

Reply:I like her music. She%26#039;s a pretty good singer. I love British accents! I wish I was British. My favorites are: Smile, LDN (her best one) and Alfie is good too. She%26#039;s already working on her next record! Can%26#039;t wait to buy it!


Lily Allen "Cheryl Tweedy" lyrics?

Hi there.

Can you help me with the lyrics for Lily Allen%26#039;s %26quot;Cheryl Tweedy%26quot; track?

Lily Allen %26quot;Cheryl Tweedy%26quot; lyrics?
Check out the link below.

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Lily is doing the same. She would love some opinnion!?

Read my other questions about lily!!!

Lily is doing the same. She would love some opinnion!?
Dont wait for your normal vet get phoning around all the ones in your area,her suffering doesnt have to wait for the family vet!
Reply:The vet is your only option! Nobody here on Yahoo Answers is a vet that can come and help you, so just wait till the vet gets there!!!! :-)
Reply:Lily is going to have to wait til the vet gets there..

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